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“Action is movement with intelligence” 

 B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life  

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Artemis is the Greek goddess of the moon, wildlife and childbirth.

She embodies qualities of strength, clarity and determination. 


In this spirit, I will guide you to better understand yourself, your goals, and how to reach those goals. Believing in affirming the connection between mind and body, I developed a specific approach which combines psychological support with the practice of yoga.


I provide support in both French and English. My native language is French, and I am fluent in English, having lived and studied in English speaking countries. 

As a work and organizational psychologist, I also assist companies going through change.

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About me

Diane Mesnier

Photo Credit: Marielle Van Doesburg

I am a licensed psychologist (degree obtained in France), specialized in work and organizational psychology with a focus in intercultural psychology. I am a registered psychologist at the NIP (Netherlands Institute for Psychologists) and a board member of the NIP Startenden Psychologen (Starter Psychologists). I am also a registered member of PsyExpat, the association of French psychologist abroad. 

In addition, I am certified in several types of yoga among which pre / postnatal yoga and yin yoga, with over eight years of experience as a yoga instructor across several countries.

I established Artemis psychology and yoga to offer a space where people can connect with their mind and their body.


Trained in both psychology and yoga and having personally experienced their benefits; I have developed an approach combining these two disciplines to better support my clients. This approach is especially designed for those of you going through a change, a burnout or experiencing a disconnection with their body.

While change may interrupt the usual flow of our daily lives and disrupt our normal functioning, it is also a great opportunity to examine our lives and to alter its course. Whether you are going through a career change or a personal change, I can help you take a step back and progress in the direction you choose. 

Yoga is a way to create space for change in our lives. With over eight years of experience as a yoga teacher, I offer private and group classes in various types yoga, among which, pre / postnatal yoga (de Gasquet’s Technic) and yin yoga.


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Diane Mesnier

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ARTEMIS is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce:     Kvk no: 75437236     VAT no: NL532783542B01