My Approach

“Action is movement with intelligence.” 

― B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life

I have developed a specific 7-stage approach combining psychology and yoga to better support my clients. This approach is especially designed for those of you going through:

change, burnout or experiencing 

disconnection with their body.

Stage 1

This is the time to acknowledge the past and current situation. We determine what your present is build on, where you come from and what your roots are.

Artemis Psychology & Yoga Amsterdam | Psycologist | Psychologue | Yoga Teacher

This first stage is also represented by the first chakra (Muladhara) which is linked to stability and security. It is 

connected to the lower body and particularly the knees 

and the hips.

Stage 2

Gaining insights

This stage is meant to look at your personal strengths and patterns. This is also a good moment to talk about your goals.

The second chakra (Svadhistana) is linked to creativity and the need to fulfil our mission. The kidneys are associated 

with this stage.

Stage 3

During this stage, you discover the purpose and intentions which are already in you. It is a time meant to connect with your emotions and listen to yourself.

This stage relates to the third chakra (Manipura) or solar plexus and is linked to the pancreas, stomach, digestive system and the liver.

Stage 4

This stage is about recognizing and shaping your personal values in order to see how they are expressed

in your life and the choices you make. 

The fourth chakra (Anahata) has to do with unconditional 

love and compassion. In the body, it refers to the heart, 

blood, immune system, circulation, skin and upper back.

Stage 5

The fifth stage is an opportunity to clarify priorities in the key areas of your life and to draw your vision of life.

The fifth chakra (Vishuddha) represents communication, life coherence, expression and verbalization. The throat, neck, thyroid and ears are the parts of the body associated to this phase.

Stage 6

This stage identifies the root causes of patterns which are preventing you from achieving your vision.

This stage is connected to the sixth chakra (Ajna) or third eye, which is linked to our intuition. The Nervous system, eyes, base of the skull, sinuses and facial expressions are related to this step.

Stage 7


The last stage is about developing an action plan to implement the changes you are looking for in your life.

The seventh chakra (Sahasrasra) represents unity and is 

linked to the pinealgland.

Cancelation policy:

If you have to change or cancel your appointment, please do so at least 24hours in advanced otherwise, you will be charged full price for the missed session.