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Diane Mesnier

I am a licensed psychologist (degree obtained in France), specialized in work and organizational psychology with a focus in intercultural psychology. I am a registered psychologist at the NIP (Netherlands Institute for Psychologists) and a board member of the NIP Startenden Psychologen (Starter Psychologists). I am also a registered member of PsyExpat, the association of French psychologist abroad. 

In addition, I am certified in several types of yoga among which pre / postnatal yoga and yin yoga, with over eight years of experience as a yoga instructor across several countries.

I established Artemis psychology and yoga to offer a space where people can connect with their mind and their body.

Photo credit Marielle Van Doesburg

About me


Certified from:  Paris 8 UniversityParis, France



Nederland Instituut Psychology Amsterdam registered
Réseau psy expat Amsterdam registered

ONG Africa Yoga Project


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CMP (Centre Médicaux Psychologique)

La Garenne Colombes, France

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iamexpat Amsterdam online registered
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