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radio interview

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to be interviewed by Hélène Degryse for The french radio Benelux.

This was an opportunity to share a bit more about my journey, to talk about Artemis, the specificities of my approach and how it serves my clients.

In addition, I answered questions about the lockdown and its affect on our mental health. It was important for me to insist on the fact that; « an abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is a normal reaction » as Viktor Frankl once wrote. It is therefore not surprising that many people have been struggling mentally since the beginning of this crisis and are now reaching out for support.

Finally, I was asked to share my observations regarding the cultural differences between France and the Netherlands in times of crisis. This topic has been in my interest since I moved to the Netherlands and I enjoyed talking about this topic from a psychological perspective.

It truly was a pleasure to give this interview and share some of my insights as a expat and psychologist in the Netherlands. Here is the link to my interview if you are curious:

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