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the healing powers of yoga nidra

Yoga nidra, also known as « yogic sleep » or « effortless relaxation», is a form of guided meditation which is most commonly practice lying down. This practice is meant to draw our attention inward by bringing us to a state which is between wakefulness and sleep.

Sleep and rest are natural processes which are already in our system. However, those processes sometimes get disturbed. This happens for exemple when we go through a long period of stress or when we experience a traumatic event. This stress translates into an over activation of our sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight or freeze) and an under activation of our para sympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). If that goes on for too long, our physical and mental health are at risk. We then become likely to run out of energy and burn out.

Yoga nidra is an efficient way to reset our nervous system. During the practice of yoga nidra, we are just laying on our back while being guided through different body parts in a specific order. This way, we slowly move through a state of conscious sleep and a deep state of meditative awareness can take place.

Knowing that, it’s no surprise that the practice of yoga nidra is especially beneficial for people suffering from anxiety, sleep issues, traumas, body/image distortion and burn out. In addition, yoga nidra can benefit anyone looking for an easy relaxation technic and it can be adapted for those who cannot lay on their backs because of pregnancy or for other reasons.

The regular practice of yoga nidra is an efficient and easy way to activate a state of deep relaxation where healing can take place. It also allows for a deeper understanding of the interaction between the body and the mind and how they influence each other.

Through the achievement of a physical, mental and emotional relaxation, yoga nidra is a therapeutic tool which helps healing from stress and traumas.

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