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6 benefits of online therapy

In the last few months, we have come to realize that many aspects of our social lives could be done online. That also applies to therapy. Even though we might be skeptical at the efficiency of this new way of dealing with our mental health, there actually are many benefits to this approach.

Here are just a few of this benefits:

1) Simplicity

No travel, no stress, you can make an appointment in a few clicks and consult a therapist without leaving your home.

2) Efficiency

Studies show that distance therapy can be as effective as traditional therapy. The use of the Internet can even facilitate communication, especially for subjects that are difficult to discuss.

3) Availability

You can consult a therapist wherever you are, anywhere in the world.

It is the ideal solution for geographically isolated people, frequent travelers or expatriates.

4) Discretion

No waiting room, you don't risk meeting your neighbors or your colleagues. The appointments are done in all discretion. You can even choose to consult a therapist anonymously.

5) Flexibility

You can choose the communication method that suits you best: Skype, Zoom, emails or by telephone.

6) Price

Online therapy is usually cheaper than face to face therapy for the simple reason that your therapist does not need to add the cost of renting an office for your session to take place.

Again, those are just a few exemples of the many advantages of online therapy and according to your personal situation, your location, lifestyle, budget etc it might be a good alternative to face to face therapy.

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